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We invited the extremely talented, award winning nail artist Simone Gilbert to create one of her favourite nail art looks for winter.

Simone explains: “I love creating 3D nail art and one of the most popular accessories with my clients is studs. Incorporating them on a feature nail adds stunning depth, texture and an extra hint of glam! Here are my top tips for applying and securing studs, gems or crystals for a three dimensional finish.”

Bio Sculpture Products Used:


1: Clean and prepare the nail for your gel application. Apply Vitamin Dose to hydrate and nourish the nail.

2: Apply Executive Base to the centre of the nail bed and, once dry, lightly buff to remove the polish shine using your Grey Sponge file, being careful not to completely remove the polish. This step will not interfere with gel adhesion and ensures maximum protection of the nail during the removal process. Most importantly, it makes the gel faster to remove.

3: Apply a layer of Base Gel and cure with Bio Sculpture’s LED lamp for 30 seconds.

4: Apply two coats of #167 Seductive Lights to all nails except the feature fingers and cure each layer.

5: Using a sheet of Bio Sculpture Gold Foil Nugget, tear pieces off and apply to the feature nail. Pat down using your finger and cure for 10 seconds.

6: Apply a building layer of Hard Gel, cure for 60 seconds and then wipe away the tacky residue. Buff if required to shape.

7: Apply a thin layer of Soft Gel and while still wet apply your Gold Dots (studs) and cure for 30 seconds.

8: Apply a very thin layer of UV Top Coat gel as your finishing layer to seal in the studs and cure for 60 seconds. Remove residue and apply Cuticle Oil to the nail.

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It’s hard to keep track of what’s what in the world of celebrity and fashion, so Bio Sculpture have compiled a run down of the latest in nail art so you don’t have to! From red carpets to runways to real life, nail art continues to turn heads. Here are some of Bio Sculpture’s favourite looks.



Cult Aussie fashion brand Toi et Moi recently launched their latest collection at beautiful French restaurant L’Etoile, capturing their chic French aesthetic perfectly. Every detail was crucial to the overall look, right down to the models’ nails. Bio Sculpture were selected to look after the nails, and worked with the designer Gill Lawrence to create the perfect colour palette.

To suit the print heavy collection, a three colour palette was chosen including the hot 2013 trend of monochrome, with #1 French White and #2017 Licorice, as well as a chic Parisian red – #117 Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn was chosen for it’s rich ruby colour and subtle shimmer, and the way it perfectly contrasted against the strong black and white.



Never have nails had more focus on a red carpet than they did at the 2013 Met Gala. With the theme of Punk to inspire them, guests were able to let their imaginations run wild. No boring nudes on show here – instead, rich metallics, elaborate nail art and plenty of studs were the order of the night. Our faves? Nicole Ritchie and Sienna Miller!

Nicole went with an incredibly glamorous reverse moon manicure with a difference. The gorgeous deep berry and gold combo perfectly offset her beaded gown and we love the love heart look that was subtly created. To give this look a try, use two coats of #2018 Passion Plum first to create the rich base coat. Then use circular stickers to create the heart shape and paint over with #2004 Gold Rush. If you are confident with your brushwork, try the reverse and paint the heart shape with #2018 over the top of #2004. Just be sure to apply two coats of each colour to ensure a rich colour look. And don’t forget to give the almond shape a try – this look is right on trend.

For Sienna’s look, she kept it simple but incredibly bold by taking studs the the next level. To create this look, choose a deep dark metallic or black shade – we love the Rock and Crystal collection, especially #137 Embellished Onyx with it’s decadent shimmer. Paint nails with two coats for a rich finish and then add spiked studs to the centre of the nail. If spiked studs are a little too out there, try square studs instead to still have a strong impact.



It’s always sunny in Cannes, especially when the Film Festival rolls into town. With the who’s who of celebrities walking the red carpet every night, we watched with baited breath to see what the hot nail trend would be… Turns out it was orange! Perfect for summer weather, the colour was used by Nicole Kidman to highlight the gorgeous flowers in her Dior dress, while Barbara Palvin turned basic black into anything but with her bright shade. Take your pick from Bio Sculpture’s extensive palette of orange hues to recreate the look.

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The incredible Rock and Crystal collection is available now, and with so many colour combination possibilities, just where do you start with nail art creation?

Bio Sculpture have designed several exclusive nail art ideas using the gemstone inspired Autumn/Winter collection. The shades in Rock and Crystal are multi-dimensional and dripping with metallic shimmer, providing the perfect complement to one another.

Take a look at some nail-spiration, and see below for a couple of How To’s so you can recreate the look yourself.



STEP 1: Apply Clear Gel and two layers of Colour Gel that you’d like as the base colour. Cure.

STEP 2: Apply blobs of two different colours randomly over the nail using a dotting tool. Do not cure.

STEP 3: Drag and swirl the dotting tool through the un-cured gel ‘blobs’ to create a marbling effect. Cure.

STEP 4: Apply a finishing gel and cure.



STEP 1: Apply Clear gel and two layers of colour gel and cure, as usual.

STEP 2: Apply a thin layer of Sealer Gel where you wish to apply the studs.

STEP 3: Place the studs into position and cure

STEP 4: Apply a thicker layer of Sealer Gel over the entire nail, paying special attention to the studs and cure.

STEP 5: Apply a finishing gel and cure.



STEP 1: Apply Clear Gel and two layers of Colour Gel and cure, as usual.

STEP 2: Use the Upper Arch Brush (UAB) to draw thin lines across the nail, in as many colours as required, do not cure.

STEP 3: Using a clean UAB, drag the brush gently through the lines of colour in the direction desired, cure.

STEP 4: Apply a finishing gel and cure.


The Rock and Crystal colours work in perfectly with each other, so mix them up and try different colour combinations of the following:

The options are endless! Get creative in the salon and we’d love to see your creations on our Facebook page:

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STUD-tastic nails

Studs are the official look of the season. Trending among celebrities and hot off the Paris and London catwalks, studs are being featured on anything and everything – from handbags, shoes, clothing, accessories, and now to NAILS. Bio Sculpture’s highly anticipated Stud-tastic Collection features gold, silver and coloured stud options. Bio Sculpture Therapists craftily embed the studs onto a non-chip gel application to give clients the latest look in nail art, you can go stud-tastic on all paws or a more subtle approach with a feature nail.

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