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With the summer party season in full swing women across the nation are using fingers and toes dressed up with 3D textures, glitter and shimmer as a defining fashion feature to make party looks pop.

Bio Sculpture Gel is the perfect option for a hassle-free, glamorous party season as our overlays will provide you with glossy, chip-free nails that will last through every occasion.

With champagne and fireworks being staples for celebrating special occasions, Bio Sculpture Gel’s top party looks this season are inspired by the ultimate ways to have a good time.


3D dots of gel add texture to metallic nails in sophisticated champagne or silver shades. (Gels used: #136 Smothered minerals, Hard Gel/S-Gel)


Black Champagne

Gold glitter looks stunning against dark or black coloured nails and this look with concentrated glitter at the top, gradually getting sparser, perfectly mimics a delicious glass of champagne to get you in the mood to party! (Gels used: #2017 Licorice with Gold Glitter nail art)

Statement Fireworks

Feel that holiday spirit in your fingers with an explosive, glittering fireworks design using two contrasting colours and plenty of sparkle! (Gels used: #129 Prince gradated with #138 Melting Mercury, #2017 Licorice)


Whether you gravitate toward glitter, want to experiment with metallics, or prefer a hint of sparkle, your local Bio Sculpture Gel salon will be able to create a look that allows you to hold your champagne flute in style this season!

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The world has been captivated by Baz Luhrmann’s classic The Great Gatsby, which depicts the glamorous era in classic Luhrmann style. Set in 1922, the film is a kaleidoscope of decadent parties and devil may care attitudes and don’t even get us started on the fashion!

From the custom made Prada gowns to the faithfully recreated Tiffany and Co diamonds, the attention to detail is impeccable. For the women of this era, personal grooming was an essential part of life to show social standing, and this carried right through to nails.

Perfectly manicured at all times, these ladies appreciated the allure of the perfect nail.



Daisy kept her look very simple and classic- a subtle French Manicure on mid length, slightly almond nails. This look is perfectly created with a simple clear coat of Bio Sculpture Gel or perhaps a single coat of #2 French Pink. 

Carey however was able to get a little more into the Gatsby party spirit in her Vogue spread, featuring shimmering metallic silver. Get the look with #2015 Silver Shimmer, #138 Melting Mercury, #2001 Silky Satin or #93 Golden Silver.



Myrtle Wilson was the livewire of Gatsby, eccentric and wanting to be a woman of higher standing, she craved the aristocratic life. Tantamount to this was her need to appear wealthy, hence her glamorous red nails, always impeccably manicured. Get this classic look with one of the myriad of perfect Bio Sculpture reds.


If that’s not enough, take a look at some Gatsby inspired manicures courtesy of Pinterest- think plenty of #2017 Licorice and #136 Smothered in Minerals!




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It’s hard to keep track of what’s what in the world of celebrity and fashion, so Bio Sculpture have compiled a run down of the latest in nail art so you don’t have to! From red carpets to runways to real life, nail art continues to turn heads. Here are some of Bio Sculpture’s favourite looks.



Cult Aussie fashion brand Toi et Moi recently launched their latest collection at beautiful French restaurant L’Etoile, capturing their chic French aesthetic perfectly. Every detail was crucial to the overall look, right down to the models’ nails. Bio Sculpture were selected to look after the nails, and worked with the designer Gill Lawrence to create the perfect colour palette.

To suit the print heavy collection, a three colour palette was chosen including the hot 2013 trend of monochrome, with #1 French White and #2017 Licorice, as well as a chic Parisian red – #117 Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn was chosen for it’s rich ruby colour and subtle shimmer, and the way it perfectly contrasted against the strong black and white.



Never have nails had more focus on a red carpet than they did at the 2013 Met Gala. With the theme of Punk to inspire them, guests were able to let their imaginations run wild. No boring nudes on show here – instead, rich metallics, elaborate nail art and plenty of studs were the order of the night. Our faves? Nicole Ritchie and Sienna Miller!

Nicole went with an incredibly glamorous reverse moon manicure with a difference. The gorgeous deep berry and gold combo perfectly offset her beaded gown and we love the love heart look that was subtly created. To give this look a try, use two coats of #2018 Passion Plum first to create the rich base coat. Then use circular stickers to create the heart shape and paint over with #2004 Gold Rush. If you are confident with your brushwork, try the reverse and paint the heart shape with #2018 over the top of #2004. Just be sure to apply two coats of each colour to ensure a rich colour look. And don’t forget to give the almond shape a try – this look is right on trend.

For Sienna’s look, she kept it simple but incredibly bold by taking studs the the next level. To create this look, choose a deep dark metallic or black shade – we love the Rock and Crystal collection, especially #137 Embellished Onyx with it’s decadent shimmer. Paint nails with two coats for a rich finish and then add spiked studs to the centre of the nail. If spiked studs are a little too out there, try square studs instead to still have a strong impact.



It’s always sunny in Cannes, especially when the Film Festival rolls into town. With the who’s who of celebrities walking the red carpet every night, we watched with baited breath to see what the hot nail trend would be… Turns out it was orange! Perfect for summer weather, the colour was used by Nicole Kidman to highlight the gorgeous flowers in her Dior dress, while Barbara Palvin turned basic black into anything but with her bright shade. Take your pick from Bio Sculpture’s extensive palette of orange hues to recreate the look.

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GUEST BLOGGER: So Nailicious – Rock and Crystal How To


If you are anything like us, you are obsessed with So Nailicious. Creator Maria has a knack for creating the most incredible nail art and transforming humble polish into artwork for the hands. So endless is her inspiration for nails, she created the So Nailicious 30 Easy Nail Art Designs e-book which is available to purchase here.

We are thrilled that Maria is such a huge fan of Bio Sculpture polishes, especially the Rock and Crystal collection which she used in the below How To for her beautiful Art Noveau look. We can’t wait to see what she will create next! Make sure to go check her out at

Meet Maria from So Nailicious:

So Nailicious is a one stop destination to help you to make your nails look fabulous! Nail art, how to’s, nail polish reviews, nail and hand care product recommendations as well as expert tips and the latest nail trends.

Maria explains:

The popularity of nail art is growing right now. The main reason is that people are now looking for ways to make themselves happy without spending much. And, nail art is something that makes you happy while you’re doing it and even more satisfying once it’s finished. Not to mention all the compliments you can get on your creative manicure!

Mix’n’match manicures are big at the moment. The brighter the colours, the bolder the patterns – the better. Just like fashion at the moment, it’s all about freedom of expressing yourself. Studs, stripes, florals and crystals in any colour.

The Art Noveau look here includes two contrasting colours, two different techniques and different patterns on each nail, which makes it a perfect example of a mix’n’match manicure. You can re-create this look in much brighter shades (for instance, black & neon) and it would still look good! Enjoy!

Here at So Nailicious, we are big fans of Bio Sculpture. It’s rare to find a brand that ticks all the boxes – great formula, great brush, beautiful color palette and easy to work with. It’s particularly good for striping tape nail art because it dries fast and covers your nails evenly resulting in a perfectly smooth surface. Part of the the secret of these polishes perfect formula must be that they are created by nail professionals for nail professionals.


  1. Paint 3 coats of Totally Topaz #140 on all nails and let it dry.
  2. Using striping tape create the pattern on each nail and paint over with Amethyst Moonstone #139. Remove striping tape.
  3. Apply studs and seal your nail art with a generous layer or three of top coat.

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Winter 2013 sees glamour reach dazzling new heights with the launch of Bio Sculpture’s Rock and Crystal Nail Colour Collection.

Consisting of five gorgeous shades inspired by the richness of natural minerals and gemstones, this range is a perfect complement to the luxe metallics seen on the runways of Alexander Wang, Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors to name just a few.


With finishes that ooze glamour, the Rock and Crystal Collection includes:


This collection is crying out for nail art creativity- stay tuned for our next blog which will feature some How To instructions for some of the below looks…


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