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Bio Sculpture recently tested the durability of Bio Sculpture Gel and a popular hybrid gel polish to highlight the benefits of choosing Bio Sculpture Gel. Here are the results:

"Bio Sculpture Gel Vs Gel Polish

Bio Sculpture after 2 weeks

Bio Sculpture Gel still looked immaculate after 3 weeks while the hybrid gel polish had chipped and peeled, needing to be removed after just 2 weeks. Bio Sculpture Gel is a pure gel product that lasts longer than hybrid gels, and offers a damage-free, long lasting nail gel experience.

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Bio Sculpture Gel Provides Five Star Safety, Always

Recently a US study which looked at the potential risks of UV nail lamps hit the headlines, for all the wrong reasons.

As a result, we wanted to take the opportunity to reassure you that Bio Sculpture Gel products and lamps are safe and that we take the health of our clients and nail technicians extremely seriously.

Bio Sculpture has built it’s reputation and brand identity around the pillars of safety and quality and this is supported by the fact that, in an unregulated market, we are self-regulating and have invested in independent testing.

Bio Sculpture has undergone an independent clinical trial on our gel products, and received a 5 Star Safety rating – something we are very proud of, and is unique in the gel nail market.

In addition, our lamps have been tested by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) to ensure the UVA exposure does not exceed limits recommended by the CIE (International Commission of Illumination) for gel manicures.

The tests concluded that Bio Sculpture Gel lamps, when used as directed, pose no risk to consumers or professional regarding the biological damage of skin.

This has been further illustrated through analysis of Bio Sculpture Gel safety study results by Professor Brian Diffey PhD DSc of Newcastle University, UK, who claims that the risk of skin cancer associated with these devices is extremely low.

As an extra measure, however, we do offer disposable UV fingerless protective gloves which mitigate UVA exposure.

Therapists and their client safety is paramount at Bio Sculpture and we want to reassure women they don’t need to give up on the benefits of wearing gel nails in light of this recent study.

With proven nail health benefits, supported by our five star safety rating, Bio Sculpture Gel offers the safest nail system and products on the market.

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