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The Art Of Gel Extensions


Women LOVE long, beautiful nails, and nothing makes a woman feel more feminine than gorgeous, colourful talons that are equal parts stylish and sexy.

But not all women’s nails are equal, and a large number want the look and feel of beautiful long nails, but cannot have them for a number of reasons. Whether they require short nails for work, have nails that break easily, or have a nail-biting problem, the idea of long nails seems like an unobtainable dream for some.

Fortunately, Bio Sculpture Gel Extensions are here to the rescue. Utilising its 5 Star Safety Rated Gel system, Bio Sculpture has taught thousands of technicians in the art of gel extensions, allowing them to offer all women a chance to have beautiful and natural looking long nails.


So, what is involved in transforming your clients nails? Below are the steps qualified Bio Sculpture technicians take to create beautiful nail and natural looking extensions:


The natural nail is gently prepared, ensuring stray cuticles and surface oils are removed from the nail surface

nail file prep

HEALTH HINT: To avoid cross-contamination between clients, we recommend using disposable MULTI FILES that allow you to easily and hygienically change buffs or files in the one accessory.



The technician then uses a Nail Form, gently placing it underneath the client nails free edge. This Nail Form helps support the gel extension application, as well as guides the technician to allow for a perfectly symmetrical application.



A base layer of Bio Sculpture’s multi-award winning BASE GEL is applied to the natural nail without using nasty primers or bonders that are common practice in other gel systems. This ensures the nail is well protected, and is not exposed to nasty chemicals


FUN FACT: Bio Sculpture’s multi-award winning BASE GEL is applied to the natural nail, naturally creating a bond without the need for dehydrating primers or bonders that are common practice in other gel systems



Bio Sculpture’s FREE EDGE GEL is then applied – a strong yet flexible gel formulation that is designed to look and behave like the natural nail. Free Edge Gel is be used to create the extension to the clients desired length and shape



Technicians then adds one of Bio Sculpture’s Strengthening Treatment Gels, which adds extra strength and shape to the gel extension



TheNail Form is then removed, and the extension is gently shaped into the clients desired length and shape





And there you have it – beautiful, natural looking gel extensions.

If you would like to learn how to include gel extensions as part of your nail service, please register your interest by clicking the link below and one of our “Healthy Nail” experts will be in touch.


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