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Bio Tips – Get Your Nails Into Shape

Your choice of nail shape is determined according to your lifestyle, occupation, length of your nail bed, colour preference, as well as current trends or special occasions. A square nail shape provides the most strength and support, making it the best choice for the outdoor-loving or active woman wanting to show-off her gel or polish mani. The oval, pointed, mountain peak and almond nail shapes are the popular gel and polish manicure choices currently seen on fashion runways and celebrities. The crowd-favourite, rounded and squoval shape nails, give a more natural look, and work with any gel or polish colour!

Bio Sculpture Gel’s range of 5 Star Safety Rated, specialised treatment Gel’s add length and shape, whilst giving your nails a natural look, and a flexible feel.

To get your nails into shape, locate your nearest Bio Sculpture salon by visiting or by calling 1300 BIO GEL


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